What Was My Experience Blogging About My Future Profession?

If a stranger comes across your blog on the internet, what do you hope that they will learn from reading it ?

I am aware that the people most likely to read my blog are those who are hoping to become English teachers. These people are(should) already be aware that teaching is a complex profession that requires so much more then knowing the material and loving a subject, but for people who stumble upon my blog accidentally I hope that they can learn to see teaching as something more then a hobby. I believe that the most important thing my blog has to offer is the insight and clarification of teaching as a valid career choice, as well as the emotional commitment to the love of students good and bad.  My blogs main goal was not to rebuke the stereotypes of low teacher pay, be a glorified babysitter, and teaching as a profession for people who could not succeed at other professions.

Of course I also hope that people learn about the path one must go through to become a teacher, but the mechanics and tiny details provided on my blog are not the highlight of this career. It is the goal and hope for youth that makes teaching a career worth pursuing.

How do the graphics on your site support your topic?

I tried to be very intentional about use more then pictures to help teach people about my career choice, while also making sure that my theme for the blog remained consistent.  I created the design and layout of the blog the way I did, because when I think about teaching the first words that pop into my head are classy and love. The background of my blog is done in a paisley print because it reminds viewers of class, elegance, success, and the past. Because the background is more then a pencil , some papers, and a apple , the background has placed importance and value on the career- the idea that I want readers to take from my blog.

The video taken of me for the blog is intended to catch the eye of less involved readers who are not on my blog for a specific purpose. It provides information in a more condensed manner and is more likely to reach that audience better.

How did the comments made by your classmates assist you in further developing your blog?

Being honest, I would say that most of the comments left by my classmates allowed me to feel very confident about my blog, but did not provide the constructive criticism that I need. The comments left by two students were very helpful however. They made me think more about why I was formatting the blog the way that I was, and pointed out that someone outside of the dual credit English class would not know what the questions I was answering were without me typing them out fully. These comments I took very seriously and attempted to make changes to my blog that address them.

What were the difficulties related to researching your topic that you encountered ?

There are so many topics to talk about relating to education because everyone has a opinion about what makes a teacher good or bad and if the aim of the public education system is being achieved, so it was really hard to tune in and research something specific. I had so many different articles to choose from for my rhetorical analysis that I had trouble figuring out what it is that I would write about.

What did you learn about doing online research that allowed you to overcome your difficulties ?

It is very hard to get creditable and non biased articles off of the internet. I did not succeed in only researching and thinking critically about non biased articles. It is really easy for me to pick and choose the articles and research I wanted to talk about on the blog because I had so many things available to choose from. I could simply talk about the things that agreed with my own personal ideas about education.

What are two new interesting things that your learned about your topic as a result of your research?

I don not know if I learned these things solely as a result of my research or because of my own personal experiences with teachers , but two things I learned and feel are very important about the career are : 1) Continuing to educate your self and grow in your own understandings of the world is very important to being a successful teacher , 2) Public school teaching is the largest untapped mission field in the world.

What are two thing that you learned as a result of your research that will help you make a more informed career choice?

Job mobility is something that I learned about. I have known that teachers are needed everywhere, but I never realized that it was an option to teach anywhere. There are hoops to jump through to move around as a teacher, but it is still possible. If I wanted to I could teach in some place that is not Kentucky, and that is great for me because I want to travel.

Another thing that I learned about as a result of my research is the difficulty some teachers face remembering that students are still young adults, and they can not always be held accountable for making adult decisions all the time.

What are two career related questions that you still have after doing your research ?

While I have a better understanding of what it is that makes teaching a valuable profession, I still am concerned that I do not understand the commitment level that one must have to be a good teacher. I love kids and see them as the key to creating a better society in the future, but it is very easy to lose patience with young people.

In what two ways can you imagine using a blog in the future ?

I did not expect to enjoy creating this blog as much as I did. It was fun to read different articles that gave information about the many controversies in the profession of teaching. Reading these articles allowed me to form my own opinions on what it means to be a good teacher, and what things need to be changed in the public education system.

Do you feel that you understand how to avoid plagiarizing while still getting your message across ?  

No. I struggle with correctly crediting quotes from articles. While I try to provide the sources that I got information from within my own writing, more often then not I fail to provide information needed that would allow a reader to find the article that I am pulling my information from. This is something that I am currently working on learning to do a better job of, as well as something that I hope does not cause problems for me as I enter college.

Do you feel comfortable in your ability to find images that are royalty free?

It is incredibly easy to find stock images and other images online that are royalty free. This is not a skill that I was required to work on as I created my blog and I feel very confident that I am citing the sources of these images correctly.

If you had to submit your blog/website to prove your technology skills as a part of your application for a scholarship , what would you change about it to enhance you chances of having the best product? 

I put one hundred percent effort into this blog. I made the changes that were suggested to me, and added components to the blog that were not required in order to make it a better source of information for the reader.

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