Do I Really Want To Be A Teacher?


I would like to say that I am sure that teaching is what I want to do with my life, but I am not sure that is it a career field that I am fit to go into. I lack some of the qualities that make a good teacher and it would be naive of me to think that I would make a good teacher without speaking skills, patience, and the ability to explain things to people the way that they need.  Some of these are qualities that I can gain in time, but others are just lacking in my character.

I am also fully aware that most people are not 100% sure of what they want to do when they are 18. I am hardly 100% sure of what I am doing tomorrow, so its a bit of a leap to say that I am sure teaching is for  me. I may go to college and change my mind on my major and dream career, but for now teaching seems like something that I could live a very satisfied life doing. I have considered a lot of factors that come with going into education and there has not been anything so outrageous that it was a deal breaker.


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