College Concerns

I could go on and on forever about my endless concerns about college. Every day brings a new worry. To try and ease my weary mind I have decided to create a list of my worries. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will be able to update and have dismissed many of these fears.

I worry that:

  1. I will not be good enough at writing or education classes to pursue a secondary English education degree.
  2. People in Louisville will forget about me and that I am easily replaceable.
  3. I will miss very important years of my siblings lives.
  4. my financial aid will change and I will not be able to afford a second year of tuition.
  5. there is no home for me to come back to.
  6. I will not get along with my roommate.
  7. It will be hard for me to make friends.
  8. my brother will resent me for missing his birthday.
  9. My stress will overwhelm me.
  10. I will get injured at the start of the season.
  11. My team will see me as less then because I am not a super competitive athlete.
  12. I will be lonely.
  13. My English teachers will not be as good as the onesĀ  I had in high school.
  14. I will fall out of love with writing.