My Class Schedule and Thoughts (Fall Semester )

My Class Schedule (Fall 2017)

Math 100

I am deeply concerned about my math class this fall. Math has always been a subject that I struggle with; no amount of tutoring and studying has ever helped prevent me from getting the numbers jumbled in my head. Reading numbers for me has always been very difficult and caused problems in my daily life. I can see the number 365, but when I go to read it aloud or work with it I will mix it up to say 356 or some other incorrect combination.

Of course I want to improve and pray that I do once I enter college. I know that I need math in order to be a competent teacher. I think that part of the barrier that makes students feel like they are nothing more then a number is that teachers themselves don’t always truly understand the numbers and statistics floating around. In order to prevent this I need to have a basic knowledge of numbers and mathematics.

History 101

While I am bad with dates and names, I have always held a appreciation of history. I think that its so important to understand the past if you want to work to create change in the present. History also provides me with a context for a lot of the books I am reading and changes the meaning entirely.


I have no clue what to expect here.

Advanced English Composition and Exposition

Ahhhh….. another composition class. Let it be known that my favorite subject is without a doubt English. I love the craft that is writing and the ways that it can manipulate emotions. What I don’t enjoy is academic writing. I struggle with writing proposals and research papers almost as much as I do math and science. For me, I can already tell that this class is going to be one fueled by a love-hate relationship.

English Literature

This is easily the class that I am most excited about first semester. In high school I had a wonderful teacher names Mr.Baize. My junior year he taught our AP English Literature class in a way that made me fall in love with English and reading all over again. AP Literature to me was less about the old white men whose work we were reading, and more about the human condition. I never expected to relate so much to the problems of characters in F451, Gatsby, and Hamlet.

I am going into this class with high hopes. Hopes that it makes me think critically about the world around me and prayers that it allows my writing and reading comprehension skills to grow in ways I didn’t realize I needed.