About The Author



My name is Natalye Gividen and I like writing well-crafted sentences and fighting for social justice. For these reasons, I am pursuing a degree in secondary English education at Asbury University. Nothing is more important than the education of young people and given the opportunity I hope to be able to use my love for writing and equitable thought ¬†processes to instill hope for the future in tomorrow’s youth. While often times people see teaching as a hobby instead of a valid career option, I know the power this profession has. It is possible for a teacher to effect every students life in a drastic way. I personally see the power in teaching because throughout my life teachers have been the only adults to provide me with the encouragement and constructive criticism I needed to be the person I am today. Without teachers who genuinely care I don’t know where I would be, but I know that it wouldn’t be here- able to attend college virtually debt free and going to the school of my dreams.¬† If in my future career I am able to change just one child’s life the way that my former teachers have changed mine I will have succeeded.

This blog exists as a method of exploring and asking what it means to go into the field of education. It questions stereotypes about the career and misconceptions that may be present. In totality the point of this blog is to allow me to question why it is that I want to pursue teaching and if the career path is actually what I expect it to be. Here others curious about a career in education will find information about job outlook and responsibilities as well as what it takes to be a good fit for teaching.