A Disturbing Thought

I am headed to college August 3rd. I haven’t thought much about the adjustments that are going to take place in my life, but suddenly it has hit me hard. In just a week and a half, I will be on my own. I will be surrounded by people much smarter and more talented then me. I will no longer get to pride myself on being the best writer in the class or having book knowledge because other people will without a doubt be better at that then me.

I am beginning to question if I am cut out for college life. I don’t have the skill to be a writer and I definitely do not feel as though I have the qualities of someone capable of being a good educator. I feel as though I am going to fail at the one thing I hope to be good at.

I have all kinds of what if questions and all of them are self destructive in many ways. Maybe it is time for me to reconsider what it is that I am truly equipt to spend the rest of my life doing.

4 thoughts on “A Disturbing Thought

    1. I started the summer so sure that I was going to the right university and pursuing the right major, but now I am not so sure. I do not feel as though I have the basic qualities of someone who should pursue teaching. I worry every day that even though the educational system is something I am passionate about, it is not my calling to go into.

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  1. I just went through a similar situation! change your major now to save time and money if it doesn’t feel right! you want to do something you are going to love and that is always the goal! if you want to talk about it let me know! I can give you some contact information and I can give you some advice about what to do next


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